2018 Ordinance Reverting Homes to single-family

2018 Ordinance passed to Revert Multiple-occupancy homes to single-family

The six blocks of housing directly north of Central Michigan University’s campus will now be zoned for single-family occupancy properties — deeming the existing multiple-occupancy houses as non-conforming.
This zone, labeled CD-3, has 64 properties — 60 of which will be deemed non- conforming under the new ordinance. While they are non-conforming, they still will be allowed to exist as multiple occupancy homes until there is a voluntary discontinuation, which is when the owner decides to give up the home as multiple occupancy and comform to the code.
There is a lapse of the non-conforming use for 12 months or more or there is damage to more than 60 percent of the structure.
Besides these three exceptions, the new zoning ordinance will simply prevent new multiple-occupancy homes to be built, allowing for the growth of single-family homes to be constructed in the area.
Students can still rent rooms from the existing houses that are already multiple occupancy. However, if there is significant damage to the home, such as from a fire or flood, the structure would not be approved to be re-built as multiple-occupancy.