Area 1:
Erik Berg
Fred Fritchman
Ed McLuskie
Victoria Nelson
Area 2:
Kirk Hall
Area 3:
Jack Hemenway (Vice President)
Maxine Freeman
Area 4:
David Dewey (Treasurer)
Kathleen Fahey
Area 5:  
Mariah Fowler (Secretary)
Judy Farnsworth
Mark French
Area 6:  
Brian McDevitt (President)
Scott Horsburg
Chuck McDevitt


AGENDA & MINUTES: Jun 28, 2018

7:00 pm Call To Order

  • Roll call of Board Members, Introductions

  • Minutes May 24

  • Presentations

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • Old Business

    By-Laws Review Committee

  • New Business

  • Committee Reports
    ACHD Jack Hemenway
    Grant Programs Kathleen Fahey
    Communications Brian McDevitt
    Planning and Zoning Fred Fritchman

  • Neighborhood Concerns

  • Next Meeting: Jul 26, 2018, Bown Library, 2153 Riverwalk Dr.

  • Adjourn


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