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Call for 2019 Neighborhood Association Annual ACHD Prioritized Projects List


Each year in March the City of Boise submits a prioritized transportation project request list to the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) for consideration as the highway district prepares their Integrated Five Year Work Plan (IFYWP). ACHD reviews and scores projects from this request list in concert with projects requested by the other five municipalities as well as school districts in Ada County. The ACHD uses the scoring system attached at the end of this document to prioritize projects. The highest ranked projects are then scoped and programmed into the IFYWP. The number of projects ACHD programs each year is dependent on the proposed project costs relative to available budget for a specific year in the Plan.

Transportation projects within the City of Boise’s request generally fall into one of four categories:

 Roads and Bridges – Large capital improvement projects generally with the goal of increasing safety and capacity of the facility. Projects in this category are typically limited to arterial streets or streets expanded through purchase of new right‐of‐way.

Community Programs – Projects to improve safety and promote multi‐modal mobility (typically bicycle and pedestrian modes). Projects range in size from smaller scale projects, such as signalized pedestrian crossings, to mile‐long sidewalk improvement project. These projects do not include increasing capacity for vehicular modes.

 Economic Development – Projects generally intended to spur economic growth in the area around the project.

Studies – Non‐mode‐specific transportation plans or studies. Projects in this category do not include a construction component.

Call for Neighborhood Association Prioritized Projects List

The City of Boise seeks input from each of the registered Neighborhood Associations regarding your preferred projects. Interested Neighborhood Associations are invited to submit a list of no more than 3 prioritized projects to the City of Boise’s Comprehensive Planning Department. Projects should be prioritized by the Neighborhood Association and submitted no later than Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

For context, the City’s current request list to ACHD includes over 125 projects and is attached to this document.

Projects identified on a Neighborhood Association’s request list should meet the following requirements:

Projects should be on ACHD streets/rights‐of‐way. Projects on private streets will not be considered. Projects that cross (intersect) streets under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will be considered but ACHD may have limited ability to modify or improve conditions on a street under the jurisdiction of ITD.

Projects must be within the City of Boise and should be located on streets within or immediately bordering the Neighborhood Association’s boundaries.

Projects should have clear beginning and ending points and should be of a finite length such that they could be reasonably constructed by ACHD as a single project.

Project entries on the list should include the following information:

Project Priority (1 = highest priority)

Street Name(s) or intersection where project is located

i. If a project is located along a specific street, identify the start and end points (i.e. cross streets, physical addresses or other major landmarks)

c. One to two sentences on why the Neighborhood Association believes each project is important. Projects should consider the Vision and Moves identified in the 2016 City of Boise Transportation Action Plan (TAP) (

d. Neighborhood Associations are strongly encouraged to consider selecting projects previously identified under adopted plans, such as:

City of Boise Neighborhood Plans (‐plans/)

ACHD Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans ( (

ACHD Roadways to Bikeways Plan (‐to‐bikeways‐master‐plan‐ update.aspx)

5. The prioritized list of projects shall be formally approved by the neighborhood board after soliciting input from the Association membership. A letter conveying the prioritized projects and signed by the President of the Neighborhood Association must be submitted electronically via email to the following Transportation Planners no later than Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Karen Gallagher,

Zach Piepmeyer,


City of Boise does not guarantee that projects submitted by a Neighborhood Association will be added to the City of Boise’s prioritized transportation project request list, nor selected by ACHD for programming into the IFYWP.